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Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky

Original release date: Jan. 3, 1936

Popeye runs a gym, with signs advertising "Healt' Classes for Wimmen – Vitaliky Is Personaliky – Healt' Is Wealt’." Nice to know that Popeye writes as well as he speaks.

Next door to Popeye is a cabaret run by Bluto, who advertises "Ladies Wanted," but the wimmen are too busy getting healthy to want to act like chanteuses -- including Olive Oyl, who snubs Bluto on her way to the gym. Bluto dresses up as a woman and joins the gym so that he can wail on Popeye, who is too gallant to fight a "woman." But when Bluto loses his wig, the jig is up.

The best part of the cartoon, naturally, is watching Bluto in drag (a bit he seems to enjoy a little too much for a he-man).

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© 2007, Steve Bailey.

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