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I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski

Original release date: April 3, 1936

The cartoon begins with Popeye and Bluto singing and traipsing through the snow to reach Olive Oyl's cabin. (And you gotta love that 3D foreground with the cartoony guys walking behind it -- a dry-run, I presume, for the breathtaking 3D work in the Fleischers' later Popeye color cartoons.)

Both men want to go mountain-climbing with Olive. She chooses Popeye, leaving an unfuriated Bluto to exact rather nasty revenge on a woman he was trying to court just a few seconds before. As always, when you put the Fleischers, Popeye, and dizzying heights together, you can't go wrong (see A Dream Walking and the later Paneless Window Washer).

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