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Quiet! Pleeze

Original release date: Feb. 7, 1941

Pappy wakes up from what a camera-pan shows has been a very enthusiastic night for him. (In case we miss the point, his skull is bouncing around inside his head.)

Pappy hides his party paraphernalia from the previous evening as Popeye comes in to inquire about him. Pappy tells him he's very sick from "a, I mean a headache." The movie's best gags are about Pappy's "fever," which burns Popeye's hand and melts an ice-pack. Pappy tells Popeye to keep things quiet so he can get some sleep. But if you've seen Sock-A-Bye, Baby, you know this can't end well.

Lots of spot-gags about quieting the city, including a couple of outright steals from Sock-A-Bye, Baby (as soon as you see that radio, you know what’s coming). Even Popeye's usual spinach-downing hardly seems worth the effort. The only thing that saves this routine concept is the above-average animation. A middling entry for "Pappy" in his penultimate Fleischer cartoon.

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© 2007, Steve Bailey.

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