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Protek the Weakerist

Original release date: Nov. 19, 1937

Olive Oyl tells Popeye to walk her little pet dog Fluffy, even after Popeye insists, "A he-man like me can't take a sissy dorg [sic] like that for a walk." Hey, Popeye, maybe a one-eyed, froggy-voiced sailor wouldn't be the dog's first choice for the father-son picnic, either.

Popeye tries various ways of walking the dog without being actually seen as its walker. But all of Popeye's tricks fail (leading to the priceless moment where the toy dog sidles next to Popeye and imitates his macho strut).

Along comes Bluto with his own pet, a bulldog so fierce he has his own eyepatch. Now, given their shared past (and Bluto's loving history of animal abuse), you'd think Bluto's would be the last opinion Popeye would or should care about. But yeah, we gotta impress Testosterone Man, all right.

Doesn't matter, anyway. Bluto's brute sniffs out the tiny dog, and the respective dogs and masters come to blows. When Popeye and his charge get knocked into an alley, Popeye downs some spinach and unknowingly leaves some for Fluffy, who finishes it off and gets similarly macho. Bluto and Son get left behind in the alley, and Popeye decides he likes the little panty-waist after all.

My rating:

2007, Steve Bailey.

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