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Organ Grinderís Swing

Original release date: Feb. 19, 1937

Wimpy is an organ-grinder, with a monkey of whom he's totally unworthy: The chimp is talented enough to feed Wimpy hamburgers, and he can even use a change-maker. Oh well, at least Wimpy's working for a change.

Popeye and Olive Oyl are charmed by the monkey and pay him appropriately. (Great line from Olive about the monkey: "Oh, what a cute face. He looks just like my Aunt Minnie.") But Bluto despises the music and appropriately (for him, anyway) hurls abuse, verbal and physical, at the monkey. (As we've seen in Be Kind to 'Aminals', this is the nastiest character trait in a man whose blood already has a high-bile count.)

Bluto tries to scare off Wimpy and his pet, but Popeye comes to his rescue. Between a well-in-form Popeye and the monkey, Bluto takes a pretty good beating even before the spinach gets broken out.

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© 2007, Steve Bailey.

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