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Never Sock a Baby

Original release date: Nov. 3, 1939

Swee'Pea's mischief finally gets him a much-deserved spanking from Popeye. (I'd have swatted the kid back at Lost and Foundry.) Swee'Pea decides to run away from home just as Popeye's conscience gets the best of him.

This cartoon gets a demerit for its recycling of the gag where Popeye pulls a faraway cliff to his side of the chasm (first seen in Popeye's debut cartoon, and later in Greek Mirthology [1954]), and especially for its shameless use of every cliche in the book: Popeye's conscience represented by an angel and a devil, a perilous waterfall, and the old "It was only a dream" cop-out. All things considered, I'd say Swee'Pea got off easy.

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© 2008, Steve Bailey.

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