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Me Feelings Is Hurt

Original release date: Apr. 12, 1940

Popeye comes ashore and gets the latest in Olive Oyl's never-ending series of "Dear John" letters: "I'm way out west, where men are men! Sailors are all right, but cowboys...Yippee!!!" Sure, Olive, and last week it was aviators. What next, podiatrists?

Popeye sails his tugboat across the country (literally -- that sucker does better on dry land than it does in the water) to Olive's current residence, the Bar None Ranch. Olive is mooning over...wait for it...cowboy Bluto, who calls Popeye a "tenderfoot" and gets the logical response, "Me feet ain't tender, I always walk like that."

Bluto gives Popeye a wild bronco to ride and then has huge laughs at Popeye's expense when the bronco gives Popeye a hard time. But Popeye eventually subdues the horse, winning back in record time the affections of Olive (well, that's certainly worth a lot). Then Bluto tries to steal Olive back, Popeye whips out the spinach, you know the drill.

A fairly routine storyline, saved by full-bodied and funny animation.

My rating:

© 2007, Steve Bailey.

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