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Many Tanks

Original release date: May 15, 1942

Army soldier Bluto lures Popeye into his camp and steals his sailor clothing so that he can usurp Popeye's date with Olive. (Unfortunately, plus-sized Bluto in smaller Popeye's uniform looks a lot like future Famous Studios cartoon star Baby Huey.) Popeye is forced to take Bluto's place in tank maneuvers, and much plot contrivance takes place.

The usual stellar animation and pacing can't quite cover up the thin plotline that, much like the Army tanks, is very mechanical. There's nothing much here that's personality-driven; Popeye could be replaced with Abbott & Costello misguiding a tank, and it wouldn't make much difference. Tolerable but easily forgettable.

My rating:

© 2008, Steve Bailey.

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