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Let's You and Him Fight

Original release date: Feb. 16, 1934

Boxing champ Bluto and his opponent Popeye are preparing for a bout. Popeye sings his theme song while jumping rope with his fanny instead of his feet, while Bluto trains by putting a thousand-pound weight in place of a punching bag and pummeling the weight into a state-of-the-art automobile. And these guys have to box each other to prove how macho they are??

Just before the bout, Olive tells Popeye that if he goes ahead with the bout, "I'll never speak to you again." Find me one movie where the woman actually carried out that threat.

Bluto beats Popeye to a pulp until Olive, who has been listening to the bout on the radio, actually has to bring Popeye the reviving can of spinach. (Maybe that's just as well -- I'd hate to have to think about Popeye hiding that thing in his boxer shorts.)

Even after Bluto ties up Popeye with the boxing ring's ropes and Popeye still fights him, the referee tries to declare Bluto the winner. So Popeye delivers a punch that hits Bluto's stomach so hard, the stomach hits the ref and both guys are knocked out. Well, I guess that taught Bluto never to fight with Popeye again, didn't it?

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© 2007, Steve Bailey.

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