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I Like Babies and Infinks

Original release date: Sept. 18, 1937

A wonderfully ominous opening shot gives us a black screen and a high-pitched scream. The camera pulls back to a far more domestic view: The scream emanates from baby Swee'Pea's wailing mouth.

Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Bluto do everything on God's green Earth to stop the kid from crying (courtesy of some lovely -- or, in Bluto's case, very grotesque -- animation), but Swee'Pea still won't be placated. The Boys eventually resort to Three Stooges-type slapstick that culminates in Popeye's usual search for spinach. But in a nice twist, Popeye opens a can of onions by mistake. When the adult trio end up crying their eyes out, Swee'Pea finally gets his laugh. Tough crowd!

My rating:

2007, Steve Bailey.

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