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Cops Is Always Right

Original release date: Dec. 29, 1938

Popeye drives over to Olive Oyl's apartment to help her clean the place, and in the process, he earns himself four tickets from a blustery cop -- the same number of tickets, coincidentally, that Popeye's Paramount peer W.C. Fields earned himself three years earlier in Man on the Flying Trapeze (no relation to the same-named Popeye cartoon). In the end, Popeye is so law-abiding, he even locks himself up in jail for his transgressions.

Marvelously inventive gags abound here, starting with the superbly animated "milking" of Popeye trying to re-start his old geezer of a car after getting his first ticket. There are also echoes of the Laurel & Hardy comedies Block-Heads (with Popeye sprinting up and down an endless flight of apartment stairs) and The Music Box (he tries to help Olive move her piano).

In any case, a real winner.

My rating:

© 2008, Steve Bailey.

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