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Axe Me Another

Original release date: Aug. 30, 1934

Popeye rescues Olive Oyl from drowning. He finds out that Pierre Bluto, an evil lumberjack (could he be any other kind?), threw Olive in the river because he didn't like her spinach. Dem's fightin' words to Popeye; "Anyone who doesn't like spinach is my emeny [sic]!" he snorts.

Popeye meets Bluto, who challenges him to a lumberjack contest -- not much on the face of it, but the musical/visual gags are timed so perfectly that it's a delight to watch. Eventually The Boys end up on the river duking it out. Bluto almost sends Popeye to Davy Jones' locker, but a half-conscious Popeye pulls out the spinach just in time. (Amazing how watertight a half-opened can of spinach can be underwater.) Popeye knocks Bluto into a makeshift baby-high-seat, and Popeye and Olive force-feed spinach to Bluto for the fade-out.

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© 2007, Steve Bailey.

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